About Patrick Marlow

Patrick Marlow is a director of the Forest and Life organization, a non-profit dedicated to preserving and protecting the environment. With an abundance of passion for the environment, Patrick has devoted his life to helping others understand the importance of conservation and sustainability.

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Patrick developed an early curiosity in nature while roaming around his backyard as a child. After graduating from high school with honors, he attended college at Penn State where he graduated with a degree in environmental science. Following his graduate studies at Stanford University, Patrick started working as a research associate for an environmental protection agency. During this time he was also involved in various activist campaigns such as Clean Air Now and Save Our Oceans campaigns.

After several years of activism experience, Patrick joined Forest and Life in 2012 as director of operations. His experience has been instrumental in driving Forest and Life’s mission forward; offering educational materials to schools across America educating students on how to protect their local wildlife and ecosystems, establishing new standards for sustainable forestry practices, raising funds through eco-tourism initiatives that create jobs while protecting natural areas and assisting communities with reforestation projects around the world.

An advocate for change on multiple fronts, Patrick Marlow is determined to help others understand the value of our natural resources and how we can better preserve them for generations to come. He believes that education and communication are key tools when it comes to creating awareness about our planet’s future—and by extension—our own future on this planet too!